The 2018 Staff and Academic and Administrative Professionals Advisory Council election season is underway. Nominations will be accepted from April 2 -20 and voting will take place from May 15 - 22, 2018.

The following seats are up for election (all two-year terms unless otherwise noted):

University Services:  5 Seats
Main Campus:  5 Seats
Medical Center:  4 Seats (Three 2-year terms; One 1-year term)
Law Center:  2 Seats

School of Foreign Service in Qatar: 1 Seat

How do I vote?

Eligible staff and AAPs will receive an email on May 15th (with reminders on May 17 and May 21) to cast a ballot for their campus.  (To ensure voters cast only one ballot and vote only for their campus representatives, your NetID is recorded. This information will be deleted upon validation of votes and not shared.) If you do not receive a ballot or receive a ballot for the wrong campus, please contact us at
Ballots must be cast by Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Time)

Who is eligible to vote?

To vote you must be a full-time or part-time (at least 50% time) University staff employee or academic and administrative professional (AAP). Union employees, faculty, professional librarians, temporary/casual employees, members of the Executive Committee, and senior level executives are not represented by the Staff-AAP Advisory Council and not eligible to vote.
For whom may I vote if I am eligible?

You are only permitted to vote for candidates representing your home campus unit (Main, Medical, Law, University Services or SFS-Q).
For how many candidates may I vote?

You may vote for as many candidates as there are open seats for your campus. The number of seats for each campus is proportional, based on the count of eligible staff and AAP employees in Main, Law Center, Medical Center, University Services, and SFS-Q. 
Whom may I contact if I encounter issues with voting?

Please email to report any problems in the voting process.
When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be certified and election results will be announced in mid-June.  The term of service for the Staff/AAP Advisory Council will begin on July 1, 2018.

Purpose of the Council

The purpose of the Council is to provide a formal, University-recognized, duly-elected body for staff and academic and administrative professionals to consider issues and act as a voice to University decision-makers, administrators, and executives, including the President. 

There are 31 members on the Council.  Representation is divided proportionally among Main Campus, University Services, Medical Center, Law Center, and SFS-Q. 

Additional information

For a current listing of Staff/AAP Advisory Council Members go to  

For general information about the Advisory Council please go to

The Staff/AAP Election Committee