The Law Center candidates provided the following personal statements:

Cyndi Eichele (Staff), Manager of Registration and Commencement, Office of the Registrar

After being nominated and reading more about the Staff/AAP Advisory Council, I am very interested in acting as a representative. Most of my daily interactions are with students, and while I enjoy that, I’ve come to realize that it is even more important to be an active member of the Law Center staff community -- in order to truly enjoy the work that is being done and the relationships that are being built, staff members need a community of inclusion and development to feel invested and invested in. I enjoy being a bridge for others, whether that is simply introducing people or forging work relationships and connections where I felt there was a need- which has improved not only my work ethic but my personal attachment to the Law Center as well. All of this is why I think I would enjoy being a Law Center representative.

Deborah Gales (Staff), Events Coordinator, Office of Special Events

As a staff member and a student, I believe that I have a unique perspective on the Georgetown Law Center community. My leadership skills would also aid in building and fostering relationships with colleagues and University leaders, which I believer are essential to an Advisory Council Member. 

Mary Palmer (Staff), Assistant Director, Major Gifts, Office of Advancement

Greetings, colleagues! By way of introduction, my name is Mary Palmer, and I am a member of the Development team at Georgetown Law and a current evening student at the McDonough School of Business. When I’m not on campus, you can find me running, hosting trivia at Stoney’s Bar & Grill on P Street, or painting. My commitment to service and advocacy has been shaped by my work on the Young Professionals Board for a non-profit organization, Back on My Feet, and through my role as the Vice President of Admissions for the Evening Student Government Association at McDonough. I enjoy giving back to my community and getting to know colleagues around campus. I would fully embrace the opportunity to support the Staff/AAP Advisory Council’s ongoing efforts to advance professional development and positively affect life in the workplace. Thank you.

Lynda Sanders (Staff), Associate Director, Exam Administration, Office of the Registrar

It is with great excitement that I express to you my sincere interest in becoming a member of the Staff and Academic and Administrative Professionals Advisory Council.  I have been a member of the Georgetown Law community since December 2009.  My current position is the Associate Director of Exam Administration in the Registrar’s Office.  A position that I thoroughly enjoy due to my ability to interact with the students and staff on a continuous basis.

Furthermore, my tenure at the school has provided me with the ability to create and maintain solid relationships across the spectrum. These relationships would prove beneficial during my time on the Council, if I am chosen, due to the level of trust, respect and support I've gained from my internal customers.  The level of integrity that I am committed to will ensure the importance of the Council and its foundational principles will always be upheld.  

The opportunity to become a part of the Advisory Council would provide me a chance to learn about others as well as share my personal experiences, while building diverse relationships.  With having a passion for helping others, becoming a member of the Staff AAP Advisory Council will give me the opportunity to do something I enjoy along with making a difference in the Georgetown Community.

Overall, my tenure, personality, drive and managerial courage will all prove an asset to the Council.  

I look forward to hearing from you soon and welcome the opportunity to join the Council.

Ruby Sheikh (AAP), Assistant Director, Public Interest Employer & Alumni Outreach, Office of Public Interest & Community Service (OPICS)

As a member of the Law Center community for almost 10 years, I have formed strong working relationships with so many of my Law Center colleagues. If given the opportunity to join the Staff/AAP Advisory Council, I would continue to strengthen those working relationships and build new ones with our colleagues on main campus and the University leadership. 

In OPICS I help connect our students with nonprofit and government employers and take great pride in furthering Georgetown’s commitment and dedication to public service. One of my goals for the Council is to create and develop more opportunities for the Georgetown community to participate in local service projects.

I pride myself on being a communicator and problem solver. In fact, I spend most of my day listening to our students, alumni and public interest employers in an effort to help them meet their goals. I hope to put those same skills to use in sharing your interests on institutional affairs and life at Georgetown with the University leadership.  I really do believe that the best part about my job is the people that I work and interact with on a daily basis—at times, the Law Center really feels like a family, and I’d love the opportunity to express your questions and concerns to make sure everyone feels the same. 

Jen Van Buren (AAP), Director, Office of Career Strategy

I am a Director in the Office of Career Strategy, where I have worked for the past five years. I have a two-year-old and a six-month-old - my older son attends the Early Learning Center on-campus and my husband is a Georgetown Law grad, so the Law Center really is a family affair! In my time at Georgetown Law, I have become involved as much as possible in order to help develop a stronger sense of community and to meet more colleagues across departments - I have been a member of the Professional Development Committee for two years, and last year I co-chartered the Georgetown Law Toastmasters club for staff/AAPs. I would appreciate the chance to engage more with the entire university, to give a voice to the concerns and priorities of the Law Center and to have a positive impact on the lives of the staff and AAPs. I’m particularly interested in issues surrounding benefits and opportunities for recognition. I am a dedicated member of the Law Center community, and I would be honored to have the opportunity to be your representative on the Staff/AAP Advisory Council. Thank you!