There are four candidates for five open seats.

The Main Campus candidates provided the following personal statements:
With four candidates for five open seats, there is no need to hold an election at the Main Campus.  The four nominees will be seated for two year terms, effective July 1, 2018.

Patrick Killilee (Staff), Executive Director for Residential Services, Office of Residential Living

My name is Patrick Killilee, I work in the Office of Residential Living and have been working at Georgetown since 2007.  I am running for my second term on the Staff/AAP Council, representing Main Campus.  During this past year, I have also served as Main Campus Caucus’ representative on the Staff/AAP Executive Committee.  During the course of this year we have discussed and worked to advance the visibility and voice of Georgetown’s Staff and AAP. 

The Council is currently reviewing the role and impact of the Council and how to continue to make an impact on the experiences of all Staff and AAPs at Georgetown.  We have identified three initiatives in which we would like to advance our experience, Community, Jesuit Identity and Communications. Such initiatives could include enhanced townhalls, online forums, enhanced onboarding experience for new hires, and professional development opportunities.  In addition, the Council should be permanent members of new and existing committees and working groups that have an impact on the work lives of Staff/AAP.  Lastly, I believe it may be time to review the structure of the Staff/AAP Council and determine if the original model is meeting our current needs.

Thank you for considering my candidacy for a second term.  It would be my pleasure to continue to serve as a member of the Staff/AAP Council.

Andrew Glass (Staff), Director of Communications, School of Continuing Studies

My name is Andrew Glass, and it is with humility and gratitude that I ask for your vote to serve as a Main Campus delegate to Georgetown’s Staff/AAP Advisory Council. In my nine years at Georgetown—twice as a student (C’13 and MBA’17) and staff member at the School of Continuing Studies for the past five years—I have been privileged to see the University from many angles. Each unit and individual contributes to the mosaic that makes Georgetown an exceptional place to study and work. This is a great place to come to work—but we can always do better.

Georgetown’s heritage, values, and role in Washington, D.C. and the world make our positions as Staff/AAP more than functionary. All aspects of our work environment should match this great charge. Whether by ensuring competitive and transparent HR processes, implementing technological solutions to enable efficiencies and increase information transparency, or by improving and streamlining University-wide communication, I am eager and poised to contribute in tangible ways.

Our University is large and our stakeholders diverse, but when we’re working together in a coordinated manner, what seems an immense task becomes manageable. I hope to have the privilege of serving to coordinate our incredible collective resources.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Kim Caparas (Staff), Assistant Director, African Studies Program, School of Foreign Service

If elected, it would be an honor to serve you on the Staff/AAP Advisory Council. I have over seven years of experience working in higher education administration. While in graduate school at the University of Florida, I worked for a variety of internationally-focused administrative offices around campus. Prior to coming to Georgetown in 2016, I worked at Stanford University for nearly four years. I believe my professional experiences at other universities will offer a critical, but positive perspective on improving Staff and AAP life at Georgetown. Finally, I am a large proponent of building a "thank you" culture and plan to advocate for more opportunities to appreciate staff and AAP throughout the academic year. Thank you for your time today!

Chelsea Theis (AAP), Director, Operations & Student Services, MBA Program Office

I would like to serve on the Staff/AAP Advisory Council to assist in consulting with University leadership on matters affecting life in the work place. As an employee of Georgetown for almost 8 years, I have held both staff and AAP positions at Georgetown, so I feel I am well-suited to understand issues and concerns brought forth by both classifications. I want to help provide a voice for other employees and support forward movement for the success of our University's workforce. Thank you for your consideration.