The Medical Center candidates provided the following personal statements:

With four candidates for four seats, there is no need to hold an election at the Medical Center. The four nominees will be seated for two-year terms, effective July 1, 2017.

Aida Cavalic (Staff), Senior Financial Analyst, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center/CPC

My interest in participating in the work of the Staff/AAP Advisory Council lies in the opportunity to further tap into, explore and improve the great community we have at Georgetown. I would especially be eager to join the work of Community Engagement and Benefits Committees in order to leverage the connections and knowledge of fellow Council Members toward making recommendations to the GUMC community – and University at large - on a host of issues.
I would specifically be interested to see if the current overall increased interest in community engagement and activism can be harnessed to support one of the basic Georgetown values, “women and men for others,” in a way that benefits not only the University, but also those most vulnerable in our area – the homeless, the recently relocated refugees, children in poverty.

On a day-to-day level, I am interested in the idea of Brown Bag lunches that would improve engagement with our colleagues from across the University as a means of sharing best practices on a range of issues.

Thank you for your consideration,

Chika Chuku (Staff), Senior Finance Administrator, BGRO-Clinical

I am a Senior Finance Administrator for the Georgetown University Medical Center. In my role, I support faculty and staff by providing critical financial reports, analyzing expenses, facilitating procurement matters and resolving miscellaneous business operations matters. Furthermore, my background includes over 12 years of financial management, program operations and strategic operations experience.  

I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the campus community regarding policies, proposals, safety and health/wellness matters.  Additionally, I have a strong commitment to seeing Georgetown University excel as a global institution. My drive to succeed keeps me focused on building relationships across all campuses and achieving mission critical objectives.

Thank you for considering my nomination. 

Karen Howenstein (Staff), Program Manager/Grants & Contracts, Senior Business Manager, Oncology/Biochemistry

I believe that learning/teaching and growing—not just the self, but the world—is the hidden heart of Georgetown. Anyone can make a difference and the strength of GU, beyond education and research, is community and maximizing the potential to become a learning and transformative organization, with deep roots (1789!!), that can function well in a globalized environment. 

People who work at Georgetown need to be given a voice in order for change to happen and for us to develop into the best community possible.  This requires appreciating diversity and understanding what people want and need and finding a way to provide for that. There is current disparity and discomfort in staff and AAP roles and with other structural and process elements of GU, and I believe we can help address that to make the system more reasonable and comfortable for our Georgetown work lives.  Benefits, compensation, and the work environment are critical issues that can be tackled and can make a real difference in people’s lives.

Erin Wilhelm (Staff), Executive Director, Program for Regulatory Science & Medicine

I would appreciate being considered for the Staff/AAP Council as a way to become more involved in the university, to gain a deeper understanding of Georgetown’s culture, to positively impact my colleagues and peers through the work of the Council and its various committees, and to interact with and get to know others from across the campuses as part of Council activities. My background is in communications and public health, and over the past 15 years, I have worked at multiple institutions, holding roles ranging from leadership and/or program management, to research, education, strategic communications, and support services. I have worked at the Medical Center since November 2011 as a staff member, and since January 2013 as adjunct faculty. In that time, I have had the opportunity to serve on several cross-campus initiatives, and each experience has impressed upon me the importance of working with colleagues from across disciplines and domains. As such, I would be honored to contribute to the work of the Council. In addition to the Council’s quarterly meetings, I am interested in serving on several committees, including Communications, Community Engagement, and Workplace Environment, or others as needed.