There are eight candidates for four open seats (three 2-year terms and one 1-year term).

The Medical Center candidates provided the following personal statements:

Frances McCarthy (Staff), Data Coordinator, Clinical Research Operations Office

I am honored to be a candidate for the Staff/AAP Advisory Council here at Georgetown University. I have been actively involved in leadership and committee roles throughout my professional career; focusing primarily on data consolidation and education. During my candidacy at the Staff/AAP Council, I will advocate for the interests and concerns of GUMC staff while focusing on issues of compliance and financial data management.

As a Data Coordinator, I resolve patient billing inquiries while managing the list-billing of $2,000,000 in research funding annually. Because I work with patients, nurses, doctors, academics, administrators, and coordinators, I am invested in the compliant and compassionate handling of sensitive financial information. If you select me as your council member you can bet I will have my ear to the staff and my on the ball.

Nicole Houle (AAP), Assistant Dean for Admissions, Office of Admissions School of Medicine

I believe that it is vital to the University for faculty and staff to be involved, represented on committees and be invested in the decisions that are being made relative to their welfare.  I want to be part of the solution, and the only way to do that is by putting myself out there to be involved in committees and service opportunities.   If I am selected for the committee, I will be diligent about that responsibility and will do my best to make positive and meaningful contributions.   

Melany Barrett (Staff), Academic Appointments Coordinator, Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs

I would like to run for re-election to the Staff/AAP Advisory Council.  I enjoy connecting with other like minds across the University and want to continue to provide insight and support on Council initiatives that affect the Staff and AAP community at Georgetown.

Karen Bokoski (Staff), Faculty Development Coordinator, Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs

As a certified Human Resources Professional, I am dedicated to helping others reach their highest potential.  I am passionate about planning the best and most innovative developmental programs, and to caring for all parts of a person’s career. 

My goal, if elected to the Staff/AAP Advisory Council, is to use my skills and interests to build out and continue strong programs, events, and resources for our staff to help rejuvenate their passion and recognize them for what they do, shape a network for them to grow, and answer to their developmental needs and desires.  I hope to create and continue building great leaders out of the amazing staff at Georgetown, and design programs around career development, leadership, community service, and other important topics.  I would also like to help organize events that aid staff in networking across the different schools and campuses at Georgetown.  I want all the staff to know that their work is valued and important at Georgetown, and that they are a part of what makes this university successful. 

I aim to help individuals turn their career into an inspiration for themselves and for others, and assist staff in learning about all the great opportunities that a career at Georgetown can offer.

Susana Birdsong (Staff), Contracts & Operations Manager, Institute for Reproductive Health

I would like to be considered for the Staff/AAP Advisory council, representing the Medical Center Campus. I have been an employee of the University for 11 years at the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH). In my time at IRH, I have grown from a Program Assistant on our USAID-funded awards, to the Contracts and Operations Manager for our Department. In my current role I interact with a number of different departments on behalf of IRH, including the Office of Sponsored Research, Human Resources, the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs, and University Information Services.

As someone who has been with the University for over a decade, I have not only seen the evolution of the systems (remember when we used to fax our vacation days to the Human Resources department?!  Outlook? Ugh! Interneer/STARS?!), I have experienced it! It has been an interesting experience to evolve with the University as it works to make systems more modern, efficient, and streamlined across the different campuses.

However, while the “ask” is that processes apply broadly to all departments across all campuses, it is impossible to be aware of all the different needs. I believe this is a crucial role for the Staff/AAP Advisory Council, to represent the perspective and needs of the various departments and campuses when it comes to conduct of institutional affairs and life in the workplace. My hope is to represent the Medical Center on the Advisory Council and help to improve the University as it moves forward.

Brenda Whitelaw (Staff), Administrative Coordinator, LCCC Facilities Management

We are Georgetown. On December 31, 2017, I graduated from Georgetown University. This was the culmination of a long journey and the fulfillment of a dream. In my dual role of employee and student, I personally witnessed the University’s commitment to “attracting, developing and supporting” the talents of employees that meet the needs of a global community. It is this consideration and commitment of “caring for the whole person” that as a member of the Staff/AAP Advisory Council, I would seek to employ.  Besides, whether consulting with leadership “on matters affecting life in the work place,” or acting in an advisory capacity the we that makes Georgetown great, to a large extent are its employees.  Because, as employees,  we too are Georgetown.

Minnie An (Staff), Assistant Director of Administration and Graduate Studies, Department of Biostatistics, Bioinformatics & Biomathematics

I am running for a seat to the Staff/AAP Advisory Council because I would like to get more involved in Georgetown initiatives and understand the underlying fundamentals for these initiatives and how I can contribute.  I have been employed by Georgetown University just shy of 11 years.  During my tenure, I never really understood what was happening outside of the Medical Center.  Moreover, I feel there an isolated culture or a divide between campuses: Main, Medical, Law, etc.  My observation is that each of the campuses are in silo. On a personal level, I would like to break out of that mold and learn what my counterparts are doing across campuses and as University as a whole. As previously stated, I’ve been employed by the Georgetown just under 11 years and my current role requires me to be up-to-date with Georgetown initiatives and how it impacts us on a micro-level. For example, new infrastructures and timelines and how this affects classroom/ office spaces which equates to finances. We are expected to bring in more students, yet we cannot accommodate them. There is no doubt this a campus wide issue, but how are each of the campuses trying resolve this issue? This is just one out of many examples, but there is so much to gain from coming together as a community and sharing good practices.  I believe this is a good venue to learn, discuss and contribute ideas.

Brenton Foretich (Staff), Regulatory Manager, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center - Clinical Research Management Office

While I have only been a Georgetown employee for under two years, I have witnessed a number of staff leave the University for outside opportunities. I believe staff retention is one of the main issues the advisory council should make efforts to improve. We should look into addressing reasons why staff leave while also providing clear and visible career ladders mirrored with education and training opportunities, so staff feel valued and desire to play an integral role in the long-term success of the University.