The University Services candidates provided the following personal statements:

Linda Buckley (Staff), Senior Director, Administrative Applications, University Information Services

The Staff/AAP Advisory Council has established itself as a respected channel to provide staff and AAP personnel with a voice in the University's decision-making processes.  I would like to help continue the development of the Council as a central focal point that promotes and encourages a sense of community.  I believe the Council plays a key role in making our Staff/AAP membership a critical part of furthering the University’s broad mission.  I see the Council as an opportunity to provide opportunities for staff and AAPs to more fully engage in the Jesuit tradition, not only in our daily work but also through service to others, both within the University and the broader Community.  

Having been with the University just under five years, I have seen many positive changes and have been part of a cultural shift within UIS, focused on customer support and providing a better experience, both for our customers and our staff.  I spearheaded the first UIS Week of Service, have built many partnerships through the Georgetown 360 project and would love to bring this experience to foster collaboration and Jesuit values at the University level.   By serving on the Staff/AAP Advisory Council, I feel I can reach more people to understand the challenges that they experience, and work with them to develop solutions and mechanisms for more meaningful engagement and to lessen those challenges.

Michael Bunker (Staff), Sergeant, Georgetown University Police Department

I have been with the Georgetown University Police Department for almost five years.  I feel like I have formed many partnerships over the past years, which will allow me to serve on this council with confidence.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve.

Jessie Mandel (Staff), Director of HCM Systems and Processes, Administrative Services

I am excited to be running for my second term on the Staff and AAP Advisory Council!  It has been a great experience getting to know our community better over the last two years.  During my time on the council, I have served as the chair of the Communications Committee where we were able to develop, distribute and analyze the Council’s employee survey released last year.  I have served as co-chair of the Community Engagement Committee where we organized the council’s first annual food drive supporting the Father McKenna Center in DC.  As Council President, I have been working with our council body to develop opportunities for regular engagement with Staff and AAPs across the university and to collaborate with university leadership on projects and initiatives important to our community.

Being part of the Council over the last two years has greatly enriched my experience as a Hoya and my understanding of our diverse and generous community.  This is truly a challenging and inspiring place to work and grow and being part of the Staff and AAP Advisory Council has been a chance to play an active and positive role in shaping that experience for others.  I would welcome the opportunity to continue to participate in the important work the council does to advance the interests and experience of our community.  Hoya Saxa!

Raghu Pemmaraju (Staff), Senior Director for Research Engineering, University Information Services

I have the great privilege of working at Georgetown for over 20 years and been amazed by the growth at the University. As the University looks to the future, change is inevitable and we will need all of us to work together to take advantages of the opportunities presented in the future. It is important for Staff/AAP to be equal partners of the Georgetown community and for us to work together to solve complex problems that will face the University community. I want us to work together to build solutions that build a stronger community and change how we interact with each other. I would also like to see smarter and consistent policies, procedures and technologies that help to create work/life integration with the goal of making working fun and flexible. 

Desiree Roberts (Staff), Senior Business Manager, Office of Advancement

I've decided to run for the Staff and AAP advisory council to advocate for initiatives that will enhance the work / life balance for my fellow colleagues at Georgetown. I'm dedicated to serving on the board to help the staff and AAP communities thrive here at Georgetown in an effort to have a more inclusive workforce that can aid the University in carrying out it's Jesuit values. 

Sandhya (Sandy) Wilhelm (Staff), Program Coordinator/Counseling Intern, Faculty & Staff Assistance Program, Department of Human Resources

After having spent two years with colleagues who sincerely work to make meaningful and healthy changes, the best way to offer
advocacy and support for all at GU is to continue my participation on the Staff and AAP Advisory Council. 

This is the most connected group for non-faculty employees in the institution that engages with topics and issues to find practical solutions. This is a space where employee ideas are valued and constructive approach is explored to turn them into reality.

Two years flew by pretty fast; there are ideas to explore, thoughts to share and actions to complete! This is where your vote will help! As a fellow GU staff, I thank you for your continued support and would be privileged to serve you for another term.