What is the Staff/AAP Advisory Council?

The Council derives authority from the approved creation on December 6, 2011 by the President of Georgetown University upon the advice and agreement of the President’s Executive Committee, and as duly elected by the University-wide community of staff and academic and administrative professionals. The Council shall be a self-directed body that consults with University leadership on matters affecting life in the work place. It will act in an advisory capacity only and such advice, resolutions, and other actions are not binding or part of the shared governance of the University. The Council shall be administratively linked to the Office of the Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer.

Who is eligible to become a member?

The representatives of The Council will be elected from among all Georgetown University employees whose primary classification is staff or academic and administrative professional, that work at least 50% full time equivalent (FTE), and who are not faculty, professional librarians, union represented, temporary or casual labor, cabinet level, senior level executive, or members of the President’s Executive Committee.

There shall be up to thirty-one (31) elected voting representatives divided proportionally among the five campuses (Main Campus, Law Center, Medical Center, University Services, and SFS-Q).
The proportional representation of The Council is:

  • Main Campus: 10
  • University Services: 9
  • Medical Center: 7
  • Law Center: 4
  • GU-Q: 1

In order to be eligible for election, a representative must be employed continuously for at least one year at the commencement of his or her term.