2022-2023 Achievements

A report of the achievements and learnings of the 2022-23 Staff/AAP Advisory Council is available here. A roster of Council members and officers is included.

The 2022-23 Council recognizes the progress that has been made in the following areas this year and wishes to acknowledge all those across the university who have contributed to these efforts:

Establishment of staff ombudsperson

This year saw the establishment of the first staff ombudsperson position, the result of years of Council advocacy including a 2021 Council resolution.

Increased engagement with campus leadership

Caucuses have worked to establish regular meetings with the leadership of each campus to increase awareness of staff needs and concerns.

Expanded Council representation on university committees

The Council renewed its representation on key institutional advisory committees and saw the addition of Council representatives in several key areas.

Advisory Committee on Business Practices (New in 2022)
Benefits Advisory Committee
Childcare Expansion Working Group (New in 2023)
Healthy Buildings/Indoor Air Task Force (New in 2023)
Human Resources Advisory Committee
IDEAA Advisory Group (New for fall 2023)
Professional Conduct Working Group (Concluded in 2022)
Transportation and Parking (New in 2023)

Launch of first Staff Cultural Climate Survey

The university conducted its first cultural climate survey of staff in the fall. While results are still being analyzed and preliminary institutional steps determined, the initial findings shared with the Council suggest this will be an important resource toward a shared understanding of the concerns to be addressed, and as it was conducted in tandem with a survey of faculty, it may offer an opportunity for faculty/staff collaboration toward addressing them.

Improved communication of professional conduct resources

One of the outcomes of the university’s Professional Conduct Working Group was the establishment of a central repository of resources (https://professionalconduct.georgetown.edu/). While this falls short of the formal anti-bullying policy the Council has advocated for over many years, it is a constructive step.

Engagement with institutional efforts to improve recruitment and retention

The Council has engaged with a number of institutional initiatives aiming to address the current challenges of recruitment and retention, including the Cura Georgetown Working Group, HR’s compensation and classification project as well as efforts to redevelop the university’s learning and development offerings.

Efforts to address operational challenges

Over the course of the year, the Council worked to bring attention to the operational challenges encountered by many staff resulting from transitions in financial structures and systems, including those related to recruitment and retention.