2024-2025 Council Members

Main Campus

Gilbert Bonafé, Jr. (Staff; Term ends 2026)
Associate Director for Counseling, Office of Student Financial Services

Qi Chen (Staff; Term ends 2026)
Senior Assistant Dean of Custom Programs, School of Continuing Studies

Caitlin Cochran (AAP; Term ends 2026)
Senior Associate Dean, Summer and Program Development, School of Continuing Studies

Stephanie Gage (Staff, Term ends 2025)
Director of Graduate Admissions and Enrollment Management, SFS Dean’s Office

Abigail Garcia (Staff, Term ends 2025)
Associate Director, Finance & Operations, Main Campus Admin Units

Yvette Jiang (Staff, Term ends 2026)
Associate Director for Finance and Operations, Office of the Provost

Heather Malneritch (Staff; Term ends 2025)
Senior Campus Director, Financial Operations Main Campus, Office of the Provost

Teresa Mannix (Staff, Term ends 2025)
Associate Dean, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, McDonough School of Business

Kelly McGrath (Staff, Term ends 2026)
Associate Director for Global Operations, McDonough School of Business

Rondha Remy (Staff, Term ends 2025)
Director, MBA Recruitment and Diversity Partnerships, McDonough School of Business

University Services

Shelton Bellamy (Staff, Term ends 2025)
HCM Operations Lead, University Information Services

Tatiana Blayo (Staff, Term ends 2026)
Senior Business Operations Analyst, University Information Services

Alexis Hersh (Staff, Term ends 2026)
Senior Project Manager, Planning and Facilities Management

Christopher Jewell (Staff; Term ends 2025)
CRM Developer, University Information Services

Aaron Johnson (Staff; Term ends 2026)
Managing Director, Office of Mission and Ministry

Hilary Koss (Staff; Term ends 2026)
Senior Director, Communications Strategy and Operations, Advancement

Saurabh Mitra (Staff; Term ends 2026)
Senior Business Intelligence Developer, University Information Services

Ayana Thomas (Staff, Term ends 2025)
Director of Sustainability, Administration and Culture, Office of Sustainability

Katya White (Staff, Term ends 2025)
Senior Finance Officer, Office of the CFO

Medical Center

Emma Benson-Xu (Staff; Term ends 2025)
Senior Program Coordinator, Nurse Midwifery Program

Shaunagh Browning (Staff; Term ends 2025)
Senior Director, Office of Human Subject Protections

Edith De Leon (Staff; Term ends 2026)
Director of Admissions, School of Nursing

Rachel Galginaitis (Staff; Term ends 2026)
Center Manager, Neurology

Neha Mookuparambil (Staff; Term ends 2026)
Quality Assurance Specialist, Office of Human Subject Protections

Caroline Renko (Staff; Term ends 2026)
Project Manager in Pharmacology and Physiology

Katherine Williams (Staff, Term ends 2025)
Admission Analyst, Biomedical Graduate Education

Law Center

Avionne J. Canadiate (Staff, Term ends 2025)
HCM Business Operations Analyst, Employment Services Office

Kim Kelly (Staff, Term ends 2025)
Office Manager, OPICS

Crystal Robinson (Staff, Term ends 2026)
Sergeant, Department of Public Safety

Logan Taaffe (Staff, Term ends 2026)
Associate Director of Development and Planned Giving, Development and External Affairs

Georgetown University in Qatar

Amanda Look Sarmiento (Staff, Term ends 2026)
Assistant Director for Auxiliary Services, GU-Qatar