Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic and Jesuit institution of higher education in the United States, is founded on the principles that serious and sustained discourse among diverse peoples promotes understanding. Recognition and respect for all constituencies that make up the University community are necessary and appropriate for Georgetown University to live up to its mission to: educate women and men to be reflective lifelong learners; to be responsible and active participants in civic life; and to live generously in service to others. In acknowledgement that an informed, active, and engaged community, with the ability to share their opinions and interests concerning the conduct of institutional affairs and life in the workplace, is critical to the mission of Georgetown University, the Georgetown University Staff and Academic and Administrative Professionals Advisory Council was established.


The Staff/AAP Council exists to provide a formal, University-recognized, duly elected body for staff and academic and administrative professionals to consider issues and advocate on their behalf to University decision-makers, administrators, and executives, including the President. Furthermore, The Council will facilitate communication among the membership; liaise with other recognized University bodies, including the Board of Directors, Faculty Senate, Student Association, and union representatives; seek to meet annually with the University President; be available and willing to review and consider proposals, policies, procedures and other recommendations from individuals, members, groups and departments throughout the University community; and advance professional growth opportunities.

Who is eligible to become a member?

The representatives of The Council will be elected from among all Georgetown University employees whose primary classification is staff or academic and administrative professional, that work at least 50% full time equivalent (FTE), and who are not faculty, professional librarians, union represented, temporary employee, cabinet level, senior level executive, or members of the President’s Executive Committee.

There shall be up to thirty-one (31) elected voting representatives divided proportionally among the five campuses (Main Campus, Law Center, Medical Center, University Services, and GU-Q).
The proportional representation of The Council is:

In order to be eligible for election, a representative must be employed continuously for at least one year at the commencement of his or her term.

Main Campus: 10
University Services: 9
Medical Center: 7
Law Center: 4
GU-Qatar: 1