2020-2021 Achievements

The 2020-21 Staff and AAP Council was dedicated to representing the diverse interests of our community. We established relationships with key leaders across the university in an effort to ensure staff perspectives are prioritized in decision making. The 2020-21 Council was guided by a shared priorities document which outlined specific goals.

During the 2020-21 academic year, the Council was deeply engaged in several issues. 

Redeploy Georgetown

Due to our advocacy, the following changes were made to the Redeploy program:

  • Hours for the public health screener position were modified to mirror business hours 
  • Redeployed staff receive free lunch and free parking on campus 
  • Managers of redeployed staff were offered a webinar from university Human Resources that provided guidance and information on the program and how it functions
  • IDEAA and University Human Resources collaborated to ensure employees were offered accommodations beyond legally mandated ADA compliance 
  • All former and current redeployed staff are eligible for a $500 professional development grant 


The Council vehemently denounces all forms of racism. We have connected with University Human Resources and IDEAA to detail the ways in which staff and AAPs experience racism at the university. We urge greater institutional commitments to proactively promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and accommodations for the staff and AAP community.

3/12/21 – SAAC Statement on GULC Incident

Bullying and incivility

The Council would like to address bullying and incivility that falls outside the scope of existing policies against discrimination. We have heard many reports of mistreatment towards staff and AAPs and we feel strongly that the university must act to eliminate workplace bullying through clearer policies and a transparent reporting structure.

Culture of care

A recurring discussion within the Council this year has been the need to support staff who are under-resourced and over-extended. Staff are being asked to do more with less and it is not a tenable situation. We regularly emphasize to leadership that there must be institutional changes that marry the university’s financial goals with the need to provide staff/AAPs with the resources and incentives to excel in their roles.

Council Resolutions

The 2020-21 Council passed the following resolutions:

Bullying and Incivility

Employee Resource Groups/Affinity Groups

Staff Ombudsperson