The purpose of the Staff/AAP Council is to provide a formal, University-recognized, duly-elected body for staff and academic and administrative professionals to consider issues and act as a voice to University decision-makers, administrators, and executives. There are 31 members on the Council. Representation is divided proportionally among Main Campus, University Services, Medical Center, Law Center, and GU-Q.

In March 2020, Georgetown ceased normal on-campus operations due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Council has adapted its priorities to meet the needs of our community during this unprecedented time. While the majority of our community continues to telework, we have Staff and AAPs reporting to campus for various duties both in and beyond their job descriptions. The Council’s priorities encompass the initiatives and ideas we hope to introduce and advocate for through the pandemic and upon return to normal operating status, as well long-term initiatives to help shape the Staff and AAP experience for years to come.