2022-2023 Council Members

Main Campus

Lauren Bauschard (Staff; Term ends 2023)
Director of Faculty Affairs, School of Foreign Service

Gilbert Bonafé, Jr. (Staff; Term ends 2024)
Associate Director for Counseling, Office of Student Financial Services

Caitlin Cochran (AAP; Term ends 2024)
Associate Dean, Summer School and Summer Programs, School of Continuing Services

Brittany Fried (Staff; Term ends 2024)
Assistant Director, SFS Center for Jewish Civilization

Heather Malneritch (Staff; Term ends 2023)
Senior Campus Director, Financial Accounting and Compliance

Mindy McWilliams (AAP; Term ends 2023)
Senior Associate Director for Assessment and Programs, CNDLS

Amanda Ruthven (AAP; Term ends 2024)
Associate University Registrar for Academic and Student Records

Conor Sinclair (Staff; Term ends 2023)
Department Administrator, Linguistics

Maria Snyder (AAP; Term ends 2023)
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Jesse Szeto (Staff, Term ends 2024)
Senior Director, Office of Research Services

University Services

Ellen Bateman (Staff; Term ends 2023)
Financial Analyst, Sponsored Projects Financial Operations

Madelon Brennan (Staff; Term ends 2023)
Security Administrator, University Information Services

Michael Fanning (Staff, Term ends 2024)
Benefits Services Officer, Human Resources

Christopher Jewell (Staff; Term ends 2023)
CRM Developer, University Information Services

Aaron Johnson (Staff; Term ends 2024)
Managing Director, Office of Mission and Ministry

Annette Nicholson (Staff; Term ends 2023)
IT Senior Account Manager, University Information Services

Shurlonda Spann (Staff, Term ends 2024)
Senior Functional Analyst, Student System, UIS

Madeline Vitek Memenza (AAP; Term ends 2024)
Associate Director, Office of Campus Ministry

Medical Center

Shaunagh Browning (Staff; Term ends 2023)
Director for Research Quality and Assurance

Ryan Dempsey (Staff; Term ends 2024)
Manager of Global Health Research Development, Office of Research Development

John Dolan (AAP; Term ends 2024)
Associate Director of Admissions for Online Nursing

Karen Howenstein (Staff; Term ends 2024)
CRTEC Metrics and Analytics Coordinator

Lady Nwadike (Staff, Term ends 2024)
Research Assistant/Program Coordinator, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center

Libby Phillips (Staff, Term ends 2023)
Nurse Practitioner – Assistant Project Director, MACS/WIHS Combined Cohort Study (MWCCS)

Jasmine Rogers (Staff; Term ends 2023)
Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration, School of Medicine, Office of Finance & Administration

Law Center

Jessica Enriquez (Staff; Term ends 2023)
Director of Law Donor Relations

Luke Saha (Staff; Term ends 2023)
Faculty Assistant, Faculty Support Administration

Lynda Sanders (Staff; Term ends 2024)
Associate Director of Exam Administration

Daurie Simmons (Staff; Term ends 2023)
Office Manager, Appellate Litigation Clinic

Georgetown University in Qatar

Arwa El-Kahlout (Staff, Term ends 2024)
Library Assistant, SFS-Q