GU-Qatar Candidates

There are 2 candidates for 1 open seat.

The GU-Q candidates provided the following personal statements:

Dear colleagues,

I am happy to re- nominate myself to serve GUQ for another two -year term as the Staff/AAP Representative to the Georgetown University Staff/AAP Advisory Council. I have worked at GUQ for almost a decade and I think it is one of the best places I have ever worked in. This, however, does not mean that it can’t become even better. I am determined to pursue the mission that I started two years ago. Some of my strongest personal qualities are empathy, communication, and perseverance. Serving at the GUQ Staff and AAP Advisory Council will allow me to do both what I enjoy and am good at. The past couple of years were especially exciting for me because of this service that I enjoyed a lot. Giving back to the community provides a profound sense of satisfaction. I was able to accomplish some of what I set out to do such as building a stronger sense of community, bridging the gap between staff, faculty, as well as academic and administrative professionals and creating new channels of communication, interaction with each other through various events and employee support groups.
As a staff who has worked on campus for a long time and interacted extensively with all GUQ community members, I am well aware of the challenges and aspirations of the Staff and AAP employees and I am keen to advocate on your behalf to ensure any concerns are heard and addressed. At GUQ, all staff and AAPs should feel valued.

Arwa El-kahlout

I served on the Staff & AAP Advisory Council from 2021-2024 and really enjoyed the experience. I’d like the opportunity to serve as the Council Rep and breathe new energy into the position, expand some of our community building programs and activities, advocate for equity and transparency in policies and procedures across the university that affect Staff and AAPs, and work toward a more engaged and connected GU-Q Community.