Main Campus Candidates

There are 19 candidates for 5 open seats.

The Main Campus candidates provided the following personal statements:

I am interested in representing main campus staff on the council for another term because I want to keep being a force for positive change for my colleagues. I enjoyed working with the other main campus representatives on various initiatives, and feel that I can continue to add value to the work. Should I be fortunate enough to be selected again, I will continue to bring empathy, understanding, joy, tenacity, and hard work to all of the projects and initiatives that the Main Campus Council and the Staff/AAP Council engage in.

I care about Georgetown. I care about the staff, faculty, and students. I want to be a part of the Staff/AAP Advisory Council to advocate for staff/AAPs to help make Georgetown a better place to work. I believe that staff are an integral part of the Georgetown’s mission of educating students to be lifelong learners. Having a strong staff/AAP community is important for Georgetown to function. We are essential – the glue that keeps everything running smoothly so that students can learn and faculty can teach and do research. I want to be a voice for other staff by participating on the Staff/AAP Advisory Council and as a member of the council, I can help support data-driven advocacy and policy recommendations. I want to help build community and I want to support the good work of all staff/AAPs. I care deeply about the staff at Georgetown and I want Georgetown to be the best it can be.

In my 20 years at the University, serving in various capacities, I have garnered extensive experience and a deep understanding of our institutional dynamics. My diverse roles have equipped me with unique insights into the multifaceted challenges and opportunities that our staff and AAP face daily. It is this broad perspective that I am eager to bring to the Staff/AAP Advisory Council.

Throughout my career, I have witnessed firsthand the evolution of our university environment. I have seen how policies impact our community and have learned from the outcomes of numerous initiatives. This experience has endowed me with a valuable institutional memory that can help guide future decisions and foster an inclusive and supportive workplace for all.

I recently graduated with honors from the McDonough School of Business with an Executive MBA and am eager to apply my newly acquired skills to serve our community. The advanced knowledge and leadership abilities I gained through my Executive MBA program will be invaluable as we collaborate to address the needs and aspirations of our staff and AAP.

My commitment to serve on the council is driven by a profound sense of gratitude and a desire to give back to a community that has played a pivotal role in my personal and professional growth. I believe that by contributing to the council, I can help ensure that our staff and AAP receive the support they need to thrive, just as I have.

As a council member, I would strive to be a voice for our diverse staff and AAP, advocating for initiatives that promote their welfare and development. My goal is to help create an environment where every member feels valued and empowered to achieve their fullest potential.

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute more significantly to our university’s legacy and am committed to doing so with dedication and integrity.

As a proud GU alum and a loyal staff member for the past 15 years, my interest in serving on the Staff/AAP Council stems from my strong desire to make Georgetown the best place to work and help others to find in GU a community and purpose. I have served on the Council for one two-year term (2022-2023 and 2023-2024), and I am seeking re-election because I still have work to do. In my two years on the Council, I have worked on the staff/AAP recognition initiative which resulted in the creation of the Provost’s Distinguished Staff Award, launching in Fall 2024. Working with colleagues, I researched what our peers are doing in this space, what other GU campuses are doing, and why higher education in particular struggles with making employees feel appreciated and recognized. Meeting with campus leaders and presenting a proposal to improve staff appreciation and recognition has been a highlight of my time here but is still just a beginning. I also led the DEAI working group for the Council and assisted with drafting resolutions in response to the staff/AAP cultural climate survey. Through listening sessions and smaller group meetings, I have learned so much in this space, especially with regards to what main campus staff want and need to improve the climate. With humility and passion for this work, I am eager to continue this journey and would be honored to continue serving on the Staff/AAP Council.

For the last three years, I’ve enjoyed building a community of like-minded professionals dedicated to serving the mission of the institution. In order to do our best work, we as employees need to receive that same level of care and support. As a member of the Staff/AAP Council, I plan to serve my colleagues in this way to the best of my ability and work diligently to support all members of the Georgetown community in the spirit of Georgetown’s values and goals.

Greetings! I would like to accept my nomination for the Staff/AAP Advisory Council. I love Georgetown University and its community and want to ensure that Georgetown lives up to its mission of service to others. As an alum and staff member, I will work creatively alongside my fellow professionals so we can all feel more at home on the Hilltop.

Hi Friends,

I am writing to express my interest in serving on the Staff & AAP Advisory Council. I have witnessed and benefited from the positive impact the Council has on Georgetown and our workplace community. I am appreciative and ready to do my part in serving by contributing my skills, insights, and good natured personality passion to further advance the goals of the Council.

Throughout my tenure here, I have always been committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where every staff member feels valued and empowered. I believe that effective communication and collaboration are the cornerstones of a successful organization, and I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to facilitate meaningful dialogue between all staff and each level of administration to address issues, advocate for improvements, and implement positive changes.

Thank you for considering my candidacy. I look forward to the possibility of working together to make a positive difference for our community.


I’ve been employed by GU for 11+ years, and think it is time for me to give back to the community by serving on the Staff Council.

Last year, I had the opportunity to serve on the staff/AAP council main campus caucus, as a member of the DEIA working group and the IDEAA working group. I have witnessed first-hand and reflected on ways that the university can further its commitment in staff recognition, staff culture climate change, and care for staff members as well as it does students and faculty.
During my 8 years at Georgetown, I have worked at the Provost’s Office, the College of Arts and Sciences, among others. I value the relationships that I have with colleagues across the university, and the connections I have with faculty, staff and AAPs with diverse backgrounds. I value the sense of meaning and purpose in serving at Georgetown, and the sense of belonging within the Georgetown community.
I have been the main campus representative of the Asian, Asian-American Pacific Islander Employee Resource Group (AAAPI ERG), which was made possible by the staff/AAP council. I hope to continue building and advocating in intentional and impactful ways.

It is an honor to be nominated for the Staff/AAP Advisory Council! I possess nearly fifteen years of experience working in the landscape of higher education and have a deep appreciation for its practices, systems, and administrative processes. My journey has taken me coast to coast, from West Virginia University to Pepperdine University where I earned my Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership. I have been a part of the Georgetown community for nearly 5 years serving in of the Office of the University Registrar. In my current role, I have the pleasure of working as a liaison between our University Information Services Team and our University Stakeholders on matters ranging from access provisioning and reporting to large-scale implementations. What I am most proud of in my career has been my commitment to growing my campus partnerships. I have been honored to work with so many talented groups and individuals and have found myself cherishing the knowledge and best practices that have been passed along to me from diverse experiences. Georgetown particularly has such a sense of community and fosters skill acquisition and professional development. It has been a privilege to learn from and be able to collaborate with amazing colleagues who enjoy thinking through creative solutions. While I am a self-starter and work successfully independently, I am also energized by brainstorming and collaborating with teams who are working toward a common goal. I would warmly welcome the opportunity to join the council and continue to learn from campus partners, as well as offer my experience and insight in return.

In my current position in the Earth Commons—Georgetown’s Institute for Environment & Sustainability—I prize myself on my ability to work with a sizable team of staff, and always try my best to assist and support them with the myriad of challenges they encounter on the day to day. This ranges from advising on general operational best practices to encouraging professional development and identifying growth opportunities where possible. I have extensive experience in higher education in the US and Europe and bring knowledge of practices at other institutions which can help to inform policies at GU. I personally consider myself to be a very approachable and competent member of the GU community, and I am confident that my work colleagues can attest to the same. I would be very grateful to serve as a nexus between the broader staff community and senior leadership teams at Georgetown, and am more than confident that I could diligently liaise and advocate on behalf of the staff & AAP community. As the Earth Commons is growing rapidly, and will hire more staff in the future, I would relish the opportunity to help create a more sustainable and fulfilling work environment for the invaluable staff members who keep Georgetown running.

I am honored to be nominated to run for a seat on the Staff/AAP Advisory Council. I have been a member of the Georgetown community for 5 years in various roles at the McDonough School of Business and recently completed my MA in International Business and Policy with MSB/SFS. If elected to the Council, I will leverage my experiences to advocate for those balancing professional and academic commitments and women in their early/mid-careers.

Another area in which I hope to make an impact is the integration of Georgetown’s Jesuit values into more aspects of the Staff/AAP experience. As a graduate of another Jesuit institution, I was drawn to work at Georgetown for its commitment to those values, and I believe opportunities exist for the University to engage with them in ways that further enhance the Staff/AAP experience. Georgetown truly is a special community, and I hope to have the opportunity to make valuable contributions as a member of the Council
and Working Groups.

Thank you very much for your consideration! Hoya Saxa!

I am an excellent candidate for the Staff/AAP Council due to my extensive experience in research, project management, and communication, coupled with a strong academic background and a passion for advocacy. As a Research Associate at Georgetown University, I have honed my skills in managing multiple research projects, facilitating collaboration among faculty, students, and staff, and organizing events with international bodies like the World Bank. These experiences have equipped me with the ability to effectively communicate and advocate on behalf of diverse groups, a critical aspect of the Council’s mission.

Prior to my current role at MSB, I actively represented my university’s Global Studies and Latin American Student Associations. In these positions, I significantly increased student participation in academic and social events, particularly among the Latinx community. These experiences directly align with the Council’s goals to facilitate communication, liaise with other University bodies, and foster diversity.

Furthermore, my academic achievements, including the Dean’s Scholarship and a nomination for the MA Paper Thesis Award, reflect my dedication and capability in addressing complex issues similar to those faced by the Council. My multilingual proficiency in Spanish and English ensures I can engage with a broad spectrum of the University community, including international members.

My proactive approach in managing proposals, policies, and procedures, as evidenced by my work supporting MSB faculty and their students, positions me to contribute effectively to reviewing and advancing recommendations from various University groups. My commitment to professional growth and sustainability further aligns with the Council’s objectives to promote professional development and advocate for comprehensive policy considerations.

I am interest in the Staff/AAP Council to help and support other staff employee for equal pay, respect and rights for the GU community.

I have always been committed to serving others, a value instilled in me by my great-grandparents. Raised with the belief in treating others as you would want to be treated, I dedicated my time to volunteering at a local nursing home with my great-grandmother every 4th Sunday of the month. We would sing for the residents, bring them goodie bags, and show them they were not forgotten.
In addition to my work at the nursing home, I have actively organized and participated in activities for individuals with special needs, such as basketball, bowling, and specific games, to enhance their motor skills and to ensure that they stay active by spending time with them a few days a week.
Even though my time at Georgetown has been under two years, I have embodied the “cura personalis” outlook from childhood. If chosen to be on the Staff/AAP Advisory Council, I would be honored to work with others who share the same goal of connecting with the community, advocating for others, and evaluating what is best for them. In this significant role, I would be able to create valuable connections across campus, spearhead projects, and provide guidance. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

I look forward to continuing to recommend strategies and resources that support the community across the main campus. I continue to advocate on topics related to diversity, equity, inclusion, staff leadership development, and access. On past committees and task forces work, I consulted with executive leadership to solicit feedback from community members, create initiatives, and propose recommendations to address concerns raised.

Dear Advisory Council,

I am writing to express my interest in joining the Council. As a Georgetown graduate and having worked with the Human Capital Management Team (HCM Team – Office of the Provost) for two years, I have developed a genuine interest in collaborating on the university’s continuous improvement efforts.

As an HCM Analyst, I am responsible for initiating and monitoring Human Capital Management related transactions for fifteen (15) departments within Georgetown College. This has given me a unique perspective, as I interact with department administrators, hiring managers, HR teams and other stakeholders on a daily basis. I am aware and understand some of the concerns and challenges regarding Human Resources processes and staff policies that can be improved. This work has given me valuable problem solving and critical thinking skills which will help me develop creative solutions to address employee concerns.

I am fully committed to fulfilling the responsibilities, including active participation in meetings and projects in the Council. My diverse background will allow me to bring a unique viewpoint and address staffing needs. I see this as an opportunity to grow as a professional, contribute to the university’s mission, and continue to be part of this wonderful Georgetown community.

Thank you for considering my nomination.


Carolina Seijas

I have been at GU now for almost six years, and I want to work proactively with the institution to make it a more inclusive and equitable space for all staff/AAP. During the time I have been here, the Advisory Council has done a tremendous job of successfully advocating for our needs, and I wish to continue that work. We still have a long way to go with pay equity, inclusivity, and ensuring a positive work environment, as well as addressing accessibility needs of disabled and neurodivergent staff/AAP.

Dear Members of the Staff/AAP Advisory Council,

I am honored to accept the nomination for running seat on the Council. My focus is to improve the accessibility of lactation rooms on our campus. Many staff members are unaware of these facilities due to insufficient signage and overly complicated access procedures that require contacting others for entry, registering in advance, and sometimes sending emails.

To address these issues, I propose a streamlined system where lactation rooms are accessed via a digital code. This code would be provided after a simple two-step verification process using a Google form. This system would enhance privacy, ease of use, and ensure that the facilities are accessible immediately when needed, reflecting our commitment to supporting working parents.

Implementing this change will demonstrate our dedication to creating an inclusive and supportive working environment. Thank you for considering my candidacy.


Zhouhang Ye