Medical Center Candidates

There are 6 candidates for 4 open seats.

The Medical Center candidates provided the following personal statements:

I have witnessed firsthand the dedication and passion of our staff and academic/administrative professionals. Now, I am eager to contribute my perspectives and insights to further enhance our collective experience.

Throughout my tenure here, I have actively engaged with various facets of our institution, including participating in the DEIB+ committee, holistic admissions committee, scholarship committee, and helped with the launch of both the Masters of Science Entry to Nursing program and the PhD in Nursing program at the School of Nursing. These experiences have equipped me with a deep understanding of our organizational structure, challenges, and opportunities. Moreover, my interactions with colleagues across different departments have provided me with a holistic view of the issues facing our staff and academic/administrative professionals.

If given the opportunity to serve on the Advisory Council, I am committed to fostering open communication, collaboration, and advocacy. I believe in the importance of creating an inclusive and supportive environment where every voice is heard and valued. Through proactive dialogue and engagement, I am dedicated to identifying solutions that address the needs and concerns of our diverse workforce.

Furthermore, I bring to the table strong analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as a strategic mindset honed through my role as Director of Admission at the School of Nursing. I am not only willing but enthusiastic about dedicating the time and effort required to fulfill the responsibilities of this role effectively.

Thank you for considering my candidacy, and I look forward to the opportunity to work alongside you in advancing our shared goals.

I’ve worked for 5 years at the Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery at GUMC. In those 5 years, I’ve worked with individuals from many different departments, including Neurology, Rehab Medicine, JORA, Operations, SPFO, and AP, to name a few. I believe administrators are the most undervalued and least supported resource at Georgetown, and it is crucial that investments be made in recruitment and retention for staff & AAP’s. Simultaneously, or possibly as a result of this absence of support, there is a lack of accountability and sense of complacency that many fall into. If elected to the council, I would like to explore the connection between workplace culture and staff/AAP retention. What changes can be made to provide more stability and longevity to administrators and the work they do? What support is needed to establish and maintain systems that run effectively? Do other campuses or groups have different systems that work better, and if so, can we implement them at the medical center?

In my 8 years with the Office of Medical Education, I’ve navigated numerous styles of relationships between departments, offices, faculty, and individual staff. I would be honored to have the opportunity to advocate for and represent my fellow staff members in greater university conversations.

Simply put, I want to help Georgetown University to become the best version of itself and serve as an advocate and voice for the university. I want to be a positive voice for all GU staff members and work to make our university a university we are proud to serve and one that considers the well-being of everyone.

My name is Neha, I have been with the ORQA at Georgetown University for almost 5 years now. I am passionate about research and advocating for the people. In my 5 years here, I have witnessed many changes and challenges faced by the research community at GU. The nature of my work allows me to interact with various research teams and departments which has helped me develop great working relationship with the research community at GU. I believe a position with the advisory council will help me bring forward the voice of research community at GU as well as give me an opportunity to interact with leaders of the community. I have gained a lot from GU and would love this chance to represent the staff and give back to the community.

I am a skilled administrator who has been at Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) for the last four years. I run PharmedOut, an international rational prescribing project, and we work in the Department of Pharmacology and Physiology. In my role, I have had the pleasure to collaborate with many members of the Georgetown community and have forged lasting partnerships that continue to enrich my understanding of the processes of the university as a whole. I am eager to be a part of the Staff/AAP Advisory Council to represent the Medical Center because the council is an integral connection for all staff and academic and administrative professionals to university leadership; the council is the voice for us all. The council has the capability to advocate on behalf of the individuals that are the beating heart of the Medical Center and I want to be of service to my community. In my capacity at PharmedOut, I have honed my advocacy skills when it comes to public health and now, I have an opportunity to advocate for my co-workers at the Medical Center and beyond. If there is one thing I bring to the table, I would say that I am not shy to speak up even if I have to be the only one in the room to do so. I hope to be an asset in improving institutional affairs and life in the workplace and I look forward to being of service to all GUMC staff and AAPs.