Meeting Notes (July 2017)

Notes from Staff/AAP Advisory Council

July 20, 2017

Invited Guests: Brenda Malone, Charles DeSantis, Fr. Jerry Hayes

Motion to approve May minutes accepted.

HR Initiatives

Aug 7 go live with Class and Comp Initiative

Open sessions starting 7/24
Structure change to make process more transparent, align with market; existing non-standardized structure non-sustainable
Create a consistent process identifying GU’s place in the market
Our max salaries aligh with 80-90th percentile of the market

HRC Consolidation

There were over 100, difficult to keep these critical individuals trained
Increasingly challenging for those whose HRC duties were collateral duties

Focus of next year: Communication

Translate fundamentals of HR and communicate to broader community
Update tools

New employee handbook
Tools for managers/directors
Strategies for informing staff on HR Policies/Principles
New employee orientation (recently moved under recruitment unit)

Looking for input from Council

Exit interviews to be part of “manager tools”

Benefits, Payroll, Wellness Initiatives

Fall soft launch of Smoke Free Campus

Signage, smoking areas

10 year anniversary of Wellness Program
Centralization o f FMLA under an FMLA Coordinator

Will move into GMS (tracking hours etc.) effective 8/1/17

Open Enrollment ”video postcard” for all new employees

Will be seeking input from Council

New payroll distribution process

Paper checks to be mailed to employees’ homes or can opt to pick up starting with August payroll

Requires employees keep addresses up to date in GMS
For students, checks will go to local address; W-2s to permanent address
Student accounts emailing students regarding change
Request to send email to Department heads in addition

New payroll calendar—requires start dates align with pay dates

Advertised dates to ensure hires completed prior to start (and electronic I-9)
Employees will not be able to start unless hires are complete in GMS
July implemented electronic I-9 process, must be completed within 3 days of start date

Paternity Leave

University evaluating D.C. Paid Leave Act and other options
More to come.

Ignation Programs for Staff/ Connecting with the University Mission and Values

GU has a full time Hindu priest, imam and rabbi
Priority of Mission/Ministry to advance campus partnerships around reflection, discernment and interreligious understanding
Focus: social justice through reflection/dialogue and professional development of individuals)—the value system not necessarily the religion

Spiritual Exercises in Ordinary Time (by invitation) – Aug – May

Meet with spiritual advisor 1x a week and commit to pray 20-30 mins per day (on campus)

Calganini Retreat Center in Blue Ridge Mountains

2x a semester, weekend retreat for faculty & staff
Prayer and Daily Life Retreat (5 days: Sun-Friday night): prayer and grace
5 Day silent retreat: understanding spirituality

Ignation tradition seminar—4 sessions over lunch

Ignation Programs for Staff/ Connecting with the University Mission and Values

Motion to accept nomination of Jessie Mandel as Council President accepted.

Motion to accept nomination of Raghu Pemmaraju as Council Secretary accepted.

Discussion of Council Roles and Responsibilities

Caucus President and Vice President (elections within 10 days)
Proposal to have a University Services Caucus President separate from Council President discussed and informally accepted with intention to amend the by-laws at a future date

i.Members to indicate Preferences for committees

ii.Committee chairs to be elected/designated following Caucus elections

Council agreed to set a regular standing date for Quarterly meetings (next meeting in October)

Issue to be discussed via email prior to next meeting: Speech and Expression Policy for staff