SAAC Statement on GULC Incident 3/12/21

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As members of the Staff and AAP Advisory Council (SAAC), we vehemently condemn the anti-Blackness and racism reflected in the recent video of law professors Sellers and Batson.

Racism does not have any place in the Georgetown University community, and we stand in solidarity with our Law Center colleagues and students during this challenging time.

We recognize there is much more that goes unexpressed and unrecorded on our campuses, affecting students, staff, AAPs, and faculty.

While specific instances of bias garner attention and action, we must acknowledge that racism is systemic and cultural. Staff and AAPs of color face discrimination at Georgetown University through:

  • insensitive or hostile remarks from colleagues, managers, and students
  • harsher performance evaluations and being overlooked for promotions
  • lack of mentoring opportunities and inadequate representation in upper management and senior leadership
  • social exclusion and isolation

Any faculty or staff member (other than those who are statutorily prohibited from reporting) who learns of conduct that may violate the Policy Statement on Harassment (Relating to Protected Categories) must report the conduct to the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Affirmative Action (IDEAA) at 202-687-4798, within 24 hours, or as soon as possible. 

The SAAC seeks to advocate on behalf of all Staff and AAPs, and to shape the experiences of Staff and AAPs across the University.

This year, the SAAC established a Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEAI) Task Force to advocate for policies and resources that support and protect all Staff and AAPs. While the DEAI Task Force works most directly on these issues, the entire Council understands our obligation to combating racism and any other form of hate at our institution and beyond.

The Staff AAP Advisory Council, led by the DEAI Task Force, will do the following:

  • Sign the Georgetown Black Law Student Association petition
  • Offer Brown Bags to hear about the employee experience for all Staff/AAPs during the Spring 2021 semester
  • Arrange meetings with Tony Kinslow and Bisi Okubadejo to implement the following actions:
    • Publicly share information on the bias reporting process from the time a report is made through conclusion of an investigation;
    • Provide guidance to managers that addresses how to fairly and equitably evaluate their employees in light of COVID-19, the Redeploy program, and staffing shortages that have had an impact on how staff can effectively perform their roles;
    • Ensure accountability, transparency, and a sense of urgency from university leadership when directly addressing issues of hate;
    • Hire a staff ombudsperson;
    • Enact an anti-bullying policy;
    • Implement ongoing anti-racism, implicit bias, and proactive bystander training that provides a foundation for a more inclusive and just institution. 


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