2023 Election

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We are requesting nominations to the Staff/AAP Advisory Council starting May 1st. The nomination period will end May 12th, 2023.

The following seats will be up for election for two-year terms:

Main Campus: 5 Seats
University Services: 4 Seats
Medical Center: 3 Seats
Law Center: 2 Seats

Who is eligible to be nominated? Nominees must be a full-time or part-time (at least 50% time) University staff employee or academic and administrative professional (AAP) with at least one year of service as a regular or term employee as of the first day of service on the Council (July 1, 2023) should the nominated candidate win the election. Union employees, faculty, professional librarians, temporary/casual employees, members of the President’s Executive Committee, and senior level executives are not eligible to run.

Who can make a nomination? Any eligible staff member or AAP can nominate him or herself or another eligible colleague to run for the Advisory Council.

How do I make a nomination? Submit your nominations here! If you are nominating someone other than yourself, please confirm with the nominee that s/he is interested in running prior to submitting the nomination. The Election Committee will confirm the eligibility of nominees and invite them to formally accept the nomination by submitting their name, title, NetID, whether they are staff or AAP, department and campus, along with a short statement of interest indicating why they wish to serve on the Advisory Council (maximum 250 words).

What is the election process?  Nominations will be accepted until May 12rd. We will post candidate names and statements to our website and voting will begin June 5th. Voting will end June 9th and the winners will be notified by mid-June.

For how many candidates may I vote? You may vote for as many candidates as there are open seats for your campus. The number of seats for each campus is proportional, based on the count of eligible staff and AAP employees on Main Campus, Law Center, Medical Center, University Services, and GU-Q. Please email staffaapcouncil@georgetown.edu to report any problems in the voting process.

There is someone else from my department on the council. Does this make me ineligible? Not at all.  Our goal, however, is to have as many different offices/viewpoints represented as possible so we can accurately represent the Staff/AAP community.

If elected, how long is my term?  Can I run again once my term is up? Terms are two years long, and you may run for re-election once it is complete. There are no term limits on the council.

How much time of a time commitment is the council? It depends on the level of involvement you choose to have. We want to respect that our council members are volunteers with full time jobs and other commitments, however, we have limited spots and we hope to attract colleagues who want to contribute a lot to our priorities!  At the minimum, council members are expected to attend council-wide quarterly meetings, as well as once or twice monthly Campus Caucus meetings where we meet with just the representatives from our individual campuses.  The caucuses might choose to do a monthly brown bag lunch for constituents or other activities. Our voluntary Task Forces meet monthly and on an ad/hoc basis, and our Executive Committee meets bi-weekly together and then bi-weekly with campus leadership.  Individual council members may be asked to serve on various campus-wide committees, but this is voluntary.

How do I get involved in Task Forces? When you join the council, you may volunteer to join a Task Force based on your interests.  Task Forces are voluntary, and council members are able to work on the councils priorities in a smaller group which will report out to the Executive Committee. Find out more about the Task Forces and their work here.

What if I don’t have time to serve but want to be involved? We encourage you to come to our open meetings, make suggestions on our feedback form, email us, or schedule a meeting with a council member to share your ideas!

I have more questions! Please feel free to email any council member or email out general inbox at staffaapcouncil@georgetown.edu.